St. Jerome
347 Stridon, Croatia - 420 Bethlehem

Around 1500/20

Remains of the original polychromy
Height 45 cm

The man with the holy name!

347 Stridon, Croation – 420 Bethlehem

Everyone knows St. Jerome, one of the most important church fathers of antiquity.

That Jerome means “Holy Name” and that he was one of the most prolific authors of Late Antiquity

was, is hardly known. His biography reads like an exciting narrative.

Jerome is one of the most captivating figures of Christian antiquity. He possessed an almost morbid sensibility, a loving and passionate heart, was jealous, suspicious, excitable, vindictive, and intemperate in his polemics. But he was also passionate in his love for the Church and in defense of Catholic truth. He united in himself the ascetic and the scholar. With Augustine, Jerome is the most learned of the Latin Church Fathers .

In addition to his grammatical and rhetorical education, Jerome possessed a knowledge of languages (Latin, Greek, Hebrew) that was unique for that time, as well as geographical, archaeological and literary knowledge. He had recognized the value of original texts and his achievement as a translator is extraordinary. His main merit for the Church remains the creation of the Vulgate (translation of the Bible). His influence on the culture of the Middle Ages was deep and lasting.

He is patron of:

Croatia, Dalmatia and Lyon,
of pupils, students, teachers, scholars, theologians, translators, proofreaders,
of the theological faculties, scientific associations, Bible societies and ascetics, against eye diseases

The representations of Jerome are still very much in demand today. Two-dimensional as a painting is this in the 15. and 16. to be found more often. As a three-dimensional sculpture rarer. This extraordinary sculpture of St. Hieronymus convinces with a high artistic quality. It was executed in limestone by a master craftsman. Remnants of polychromy are still present.

The condition is very good and according to the age museum. Such great works are special rarities today and hard to find.