Joan Miró
Barcelona 1893 - 1983 Calamajor/Mallorca

"El Pájaro Migratorio"
Lithograph on paper, 66 x 51 cm
Signed u.r.

Numbered HC (hors de commerce) 1/5
The first of five copies for the artist
WVZ No. Mourlot 651

Joan Miro, Spanish painter, sculptor, ceramicist, graphic artist. Studied in Barcelona: 1907-10 Escola Llotja, 1912-13 Framcesc Galli art school (friendship with Josep Llorens Artigas), 1913-18 Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc. From 1920 Miró spends winters in Paris; acquaintance with Picasso and the Surrealists. In 1921/22 he created Bauernhof, a work that heralded the transition to pictorial dream visions. Miró eliminates the relationship between objects and space, arriving at clearly constructed compositions with imaginary spatiality and surrealist echoes. 1934-36 so-called “wild paintings” in unconventional materials. 1940/41 series of constellations in a novel, dense all-over of forms. Throughout his life Miró experimented with new techniques and materials (ceramic works, sculptures in clay, terracotta and bronze, murals, mosaics, etchings, lithographs, woodcuts). 1975 Opening of the Fundació Miró in Barcelona. – Miró’s oeuvre is singular in the 20th century and has a lasting influence on international artistic developments and trends. From a balance of intellectuality and guilelessness and a deep-rooted connection to nature, Miró creates, as it were, magical works that express his participation in the life of the world in a subjectively formulaic way.